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We had the pleasure of chatting to co-founder of Uluna, gemmologist and possibly the calmest and nicest person you’ll ever come across, Stacey Lim. 

Stacey and the Uluna brand are a welcomed addition to the HB Australia Wide family! Their beautiful crystals and essential oil kits have become a favourite add-on to our dried arrangements, and it’s easy to see why! We picked her brain to learn more about her, Uluna and the three Hello Blooms x Uluna add-on ranges...


How was Uluna born?
“I was working in the jewellery industry as a designer and was seeking a passion project. At the time my Mum (Uluna co-founder & aromatherapist) had made roller blend kits for my girlfriends for Christmas and I was blown away at the idea of a little personalised ritual kit. My girlfriends raved about them and I thought incorporating crystals into the kits would be an exciting idea - it all just took off from there”

Where did your passion for gemmology and aromatherapy come from?
“I’ve had my pockets filled with rocks and anything sparkly since I could walk! After my family moved to Dubai for a short stint and trips to the gold souk became a monthly ritual, my love of gemstones and jewels became an obsession. 

Being a pleasure seeker, I'm always looking for ways to bring sensory input into my life, and aromatherapy is such a powerful way to feel good quickly. Although Mum is the aromatherapist, I've always had a deep connection to certain aromas - whether they are inspiring, comforting or hold a connection to a vivid memory. Our olfactory system (sense of smell) is connected closely to our memory hub, so we can often create powerful associations linked to smell. This is the driving force behind all of our products!

From those beginnings, I now run a crystallography short course and hold the position of Vice President at the Gemmological Association of Australia, here in Victoria.”

What do you love most about what you do?
“I love to teach and inspire! Whether that is during our Tuesday night live sale & crystal class, one on one coaching, holding a women’s circle or teaching a workshop, that is my genius zone. 

I am truly fascinated by the geological processes that create crystals as well as the psychological aspects of rituals. I love being able to share my passion with others and seeing them transform.”

uluna x hello blooms blogHow do you go about sourcing these beautiful stones and crystals?
“You can google and find factories overseas, but there’s a lot of unethical stone cutting factories and lab grown material being sold - it’s really disheartening. 

I’ve made some great connections though in my years in the crystal industry, visiting events and trade shows. I’ve been lucky to have been connected to the great miners and suppliers locally, nationally and internationally. Ethical sourcing and selling is part of our ethos, so having the crystals in my hands and testing them in the lab is vital to guarantee they’re the real deal.”

What and/or who inspires you and your work?
“Be your best you” was always the driver for me personally and for Uluna. I’ve always had a constant driver to improve and grow and to get the best out of myself and those around me. Whether it is myself, a client or a friend that’s kicking goals, I love to soak in that energy. Life throws curve balls and challenges, but they’re all an invitation to learn and grow.”

What is your favourite stone and/or crystal?
“I have three!”

First is Pyrite, back to my love of shiny gold things! My love of crystallography (the atomic structure of crystals) is fueled by pyrite. The perfectly formed cubic crystals are just so fascinating!

Next is Himalayan quartz, the energy, clarity and beautiful crystalline formation are next level. If you’re wanting to ‘feel’ a crystal, these are a good place to start.

As for a faceted gemstone, emerald will always have my heart!”

uluna x hello blooms blog
Tell us a little about the Uluna range available with our Australia wide dried blooms…

Feels Roller Kit
“The kit comes with an essential oil roller (which can be used as a perfume), rose quartz crystal (to carry the loving energy with you during the day) and an affirmation card. The rose quartz crystal pairs perfectly with the sweet pink tones of ‘Fairy Floss’.

This ritual kit is all about love and nurturing; a feel-good blend. The aroma is like a bunch of roses and hot jam doughnuts, who doesn’t love that?! This is the perfect add-on to inspire a little self-love and self-care.”

uluna x hello blooms blog

Geode Pair
Inspired by the fluffy cotton of ‘Marshmallow’, this mini crystal cave has a delicate sparkle of quartz crystals on the inside. These geodes are pre-cracked into halves so you can keep half and give half to add some extra meaning and connection to your gift. 

Grounding, calming, healing vibes; the perfect treasure to gift someone special.”

uluna x hello blooms blog

Slumber Mini Crystal Kit
“Sleep! We all need it, but it can be hard to get deep, restful sleep. This kit has three gorgeous Brazilian crystals (Amethyst, Smokey Quartz and Sodalite) inside to help keep you calm, free of worries and feeling relaxed.

Pop them under your pillow, on your bedside table, or carry them with you during the day to set you up for a cool, calm and collected day. This kit is all about resting, relaxation and getting the perfect night’s sleep, so it pairs perfectly with the ‘Fruit Tingle’ bunch which leaves you feeling happy and excited to start your day.”

uluna x hello blooms blog

What’s next for yourself and Uluna?
“Uluna have a new body range dropping in the coming months, as well as the grand opening of our gorgeous new Uluna-HQ in Melbourne’s inner west. We are so excited to have a space to run workshops, events and treatment rooms for some incredible practitioners to operate from. It’s going to be an amazing destination!

As for me, i’m working hard to launch Crystal School for early 2022, a space for the education on the science and spiritual aspects of crystals.”

Tell us a little fun fact about you…
I can Irish dance and enjoy Vegemite on fruit toast.”

If you could share one piece of advice with your younger self, what would it be?
“Stop worrying about what people think and just do you!”

A favourite quote you live by…
“Dream your dreams then live them.”

Who is YOUR ultimate woman crush?
“Zoë Foster Blake - founder of Go-To Skincare.
Her wit, humour and kids books about farts - She’s incredible!”

uluna x hello blooms blog