What is everlasting you may ask? Everlasting means that your dried arrangement will last for years to come and have an extended lifetime compared to fresh flowers. Our delicately picked preserved florals have a general life expectancy of 5 years and if carefully cared for, will last beyond this.

Our beautiful everlasting bouquets are carefully curated with love and care from a selection of our premium preserved flower range. Even though they are preserved, these blooms are real and require a little bit of lovin’.

To enhance their lifespan, please follow these simple steps:
Keep out of direct sunlight, as exposure can cause discolouration and fading. Store in a dry, cool place away from direct heating and cooling. These blooms are dried and therefore there is no need for water, just a pretty vase!
Lastly, enjoy your special bouquet over the years as it continues to build character with age.