Add-On: Uluna Slumber Mini Crystal Kit


Lovingly curated by our friends at Uluna with high grade crystals to bring a deep sense of calm and relaxation to the mind and body. This is the ultimate kit to allow you to slip into a deep slumber and gain that all important beauty sleep (not that we think you need it!)

What's inside we hear you ask?
Known to break patterns of addictive behaviour as well as clear negative thoughts to encourage calm unburdened rest.

Smokey Quartz
Grounding and balancing your emotional and physical body to create a calm energy within and around you.

Brings clarity of mind, helping you focus your thoughts into nothingness.

Authenticity card to prove testing & certification

A couple of notes:
This crystal kit is available as an add-on ONLY and must be ordered with one of our dried floral arrangements.

All crystals are gemmologically certified, energetically cleansed and charged under the full moon. 

The beauty of crystals is that each one is unique. Images shown are sample images only to show you the variety of shapes and colours.